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Nikil is a long-time organizer who has a track record of leading successful actions towards a more just, equitable, and democratic future – from fighting for union jobs to transforming the 2nd Ward into a vibrant and active force for promoting progressive candidates and turning out the vote. In accordance with the good-government principles and bylaws of the 2nd Ward, Nikil gave up his position as ward leader to run for State Senate.

Nikil has consistently advocated for labor rights, a Green New Deal, medicare for all, affordable housing, a fully-funded education system, and a Green New Deal. He is incredibly knowledgeable on issues of urban planning, housing policy, and the future of work, and has written extensively about these topics.

Republicans may hold the legislature – for now, but Nikil adamantly believes that is no excuse for inaction in Harrisburg. Instead, Nikil is committed to forwarding bold plans and demanding decisive action – he recently issued an extensive and detailed COVID-19 recovery platform, including student loan forgiveness, expanded and equitable remote access for Philadelphia students, mortgage and rent moratoriums and extended utility shut-off and eviction moratoriums, and paid care leave.

The 2nd Ward voted to endorse Nikil before the severity of this pandemic was fully apparent, but now it is more obvious than ever that there are gaping disparities that need closing, broken physical and social infrastructure that need repair, and support systems in need of expansion and reform. Nikil has the vision and energy to tackle these formidable challenges.

Nikil has the endorsement of:

1st Ward Democrats
2nd Ward Democrats
350 Philadelphia
Data for Progress
Food & Water Watch Action
Local Initiative Local Action Philadelphia
One Pennsylvania
Our Revolution

Philadelphia Chapter – Democratic Socialist of America
Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks
Reclaim Philadelphia
Second Generation
Sunrise Movement
Teamsters BMWED-IBT
Temple Association of University Professionals
Unite Here Philadelphia

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