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Our Mission

The Second Ward is dedicated to engaging with our neighbors and inspiring them to vote Democratic and to vote in every election. We’re working toward change in Washington, respect in Harrisburg, and accountability in Philadelphia. We can’t make any of this happen without you.

Change in Washington

In a swing state like PA, elections often boil down to voters in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions. Voter turnout in south Philadelphia can make the difference. We need to show up at the polls.

Respect in Harrisburg

Despite Philadelphia’s outsize to the state, the needs of Philadelphians, especially the city’s poorest and least-often heard, are rarely met by representatives in in Harrisburg. By moving our electorate in south Philadelphia, we hope to bring transformative change to our state capitol.

Accountability in Philadelphia

Our city’s long-settled habits of complacency favor a corrosive status quo. Our city government needs to represent every resident, regardless of age, race, religion, wealth, gender or sexual orientation.

Committee people in Philadelphia’s 2nd Ward are your neighbors and your local connection to the Democratic Party.

Find Your Division and Committeepeople

Each of the 2nd Ward’s twenty-seven divisions spans only four or five square blocks. Two elected Democratic committee people per division work to get out the vote, keep neighbors informed and engaged, and represent voters to the Democratic Party, and the Party to voters. Find your division on the map, and click through for more info!

Find Your Division & Committeepeople