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We envision a Philadelphia led by responsive and representative government, with elected officials driven by a passion for equity and justice. We expect our leaders to uphold high ethical standards and to advance progressive policies. The members of the 2nd Ward’s Democratic Executive Committee aim to realize this vision by increasing voter turnout, encouraging robust debate, and galvanizing engagement with the political process. We seek to keep voters informed about elections and issues, to give careful consideration to our candidate endorsements, and to push for better governance citywide. Our priorities are to support the Democratic Party and to serve the interests of our 2nd Ward constituents and all Philadelphians, particularly those whose voices might not otherwise be heard.

2nd Ward Leadership

Ward Leader: Colleen Puckett

Chair: Kelly Morton

1st Vice Chair: Gloria Gilman

2nd Vice Chair: Kristin Dator

3rd Vice Chair: Will Gross

Secretary: Lizzie Rothwell

Asst Secretary: Joan Duckenfield

Treasurer: Dermot Delude-Dix

Asst Treasurer: George Donnelly